Service & Quality



Oricieza Frutas develops its marketing efforts nationally and internationally. The activity of the company is focused on the Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. But from 2011 it has grown opening new markets, including Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary.


Our production acquires its products in Spanish fields, selecting fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and guarantee they passed the most stringent health checks.


The Oricieza commitment to its customers and consumers is that our fruits and vegetables arrive almost immediately from the field to the table. A little time between the harvest and the acquisition by the consumer. In our company we give priority to distribution and logistics to make it one of our main areas of quality in customer service. Applying a personal contact to close operations. With a 10 years experience in the development of transportation and distribution, our goal is that our fruits are received with all its qualities of coolness and nutritional properties intact. For this, we treat each product carefully, so that the cold chain and moisture is not lost. So we got to be able, for example, to deliver the Spanish strawberries in two days, from the day it was collected from the plant, to any point in Europe at 2 ° C temperature.