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The Company


Oricieza Frutas despite his youth involves the experience of a lifetime devoted to fruits and vegetables.


Francisco Morote, Oricieza´s manager has dedicated his professional life to the production and marketing of fruits. After many years devoted to the management of cooperatives and farms, he decided to put on good use his experience and his entrepreneurial spirit.


So, in 2006 Oricieza starts in order to be a leader in the sector, because it owns the knowledge of all the production of Spanish fruits and vegetables, and also has an established track record of experience in the export and distribution in domestic trade.


At first, Oricieza commits to specialization in stone fruit, citrus and all kinds of grapes in the region of Murcia. At this stage, the activity of the company focuses on the Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian markets.


But from the success of these years, and as a result of the effort and care of the customer, since 2011 Oricieza has expanded its product portfolio to new fruits, citrus and vegetables and also has bet on the expansion of the quality, purchasing and sales departments. In this process of growth, the commercial networks also have expanded and markets have been opened to other European countries including Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary.


So simple, sensible, realistic, and committed to quality, why not also a bit ambitious. Oricieza grows, as does the field, taking advantage of the wealth that the earth provides us and convert it in the fruit of our success, our precious fruit of the Mediterranean.



Corporative philosophy

Oricieza works to provide customers around the world the products of the Spanish countryside. The pursuit of excellence and quality of our products and services as evidenced by the numerous quality stamps that the Oricieza collaborators have.


From the field to the table, without losing its quality and beneficial health properties. This is how the Oricieza team works and made it her passion and her reason to be.

Oricieza team

Oricieza team is a group of professionals who work every day efficiently and with great care to make the Spanish fruits and vegetables reach the table of thousands of people worldwide.


They are, really, with their effort, commitment and love the one that permits Oricieza to be a strong company, and a leader in the marketing of horticultural products.